Cara Watts

Property Manager

A little about me

Cara has 23 years of experience in Property Management in Queensland. Cara is an excellent communicator and has an extremely high level of expertise in all components of Property Management. Whether as a property owner with multiple properties, or a single dwelling, or a first time tenant, Cara can professionally deal with all. Cara has incredible attention to detail, which is a cornerstone of outstanding property management. If you would like an obligation free inspection of your property, please don’t hesitate to contact Cara.

Why I love real estate

After stumbling into a real estate career 25 years ago, I found a passion and desire to make a difference within the industry.  While property management is known to be stressful, I love that there are no two days the same with the industry offering such vast array of challenges and the satisfaction is unmatched.  I get the privilege of meeting people from all walks of life and assisting them with their property needs.  Moving house is one of the top 5 ‘Most Stressful’ things we do so being able to help wherever possible and make this challenging time as stress free as possible is very gratifying.  I consider myself lucky as I have been able to wear all the real estate hats.  I have been an investor, a home owner and a tenant which gives me the unique ability to be able to see all situations from every angle.  My family and I are currently looking for out next home to purchase and can appreciate how exhausting and terrifying this can be.

 Why Team Godwin

When I initially moved to the Sunshine Coast I worked for a corporate office for the first six months.  This was all it took for me to realise that a corporate environment was too sterile and impersonal for my way of working.  Having now been with Team Godwin for over 4 years, we have become our own little work family.  The Principals of Team Godwin, Luke Godwin & Minka Jenkins, are more like my best friends than my bosses.  I have been able thrive and grow under their guidance for which I will be eternally grateful.  The support and encouragement within the office from all members of staff is second to none.  Real Estate is a grueling career with long hours and high levels of stress.  Being in an environment where health, happiness and a good work/life balance is promoted and encouraged on a daily basis makes coming to work a pleasure.  I am sure that there are not too many Principals that can say that their property manager arrives each morning with a smile on the dial and leaves in the afternoon in the same way.

 Things I love and you wouldn’t know 

I moved to the Sunshine Coast from the Gold Coast 5 years ago.  This was the best decision that I could of made for myself and my family.  The Sunshine Coast has a very relaxed atmosphere and leaves you with a feeling of safety for your family.  There are so many niche’ cafes and restaurants hidden around the Coast along with endless activities and attractions to keep people of all ages happy and entertained.  On my arrival from the Gold Coast I had a 13 year old daughter (now 18 years old) who wasn’t sure what she wanted from life and no idea about a career.  It makes me so incredibly proud that she was able to make some of the most beautiful friends, finish high school and is now an EW Sailor in the Royal Australian Navy.  Many of my landlords are also aware that I have a 14 year old daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes.  The new Sunshine Coast Hospital has the most amazing doctors, nurses and educators.  They are so focused on the care of their patients and go way above and beyond what I was used to on the Gold Coast.

 Mottos Mantras and Ethics

Live for today as tomorrow is an uncertainty.  Life is about living to the fullest, loving the hardest and working to be the best person, employee and property manager that I can be.

 Wrap up

I am fortunate enough to live and work in one of the best places in the world.  There is nothing in my life, both personally or professionally, that I would like to have any different.  In the words of the current TV ad “I really want what I have today”!